Strength in size​​

​Our large fleet means we have large working capacity.   Vinton Tree Services can take on simultaneous projects with ease or large scale jobs from start to finish.   This is particularly important in times of emergency and natural disaster.
Our fully qualified, in house service team ensures all our equipment is fully maintained to the highest possible standards, ensuring maximum productivity and minimal downtime.  In the unlikely event of a breakdown our mobile field response unit is on call to attend for speedy repairs, or a replacement machine will be promptl
y provided.

Safety is our top priority

A risk assessment is conducted at every job site prior to work commencing, minimising potential damage to property and injury to the public or to our team. We prepare written work method statements that detail the safe work requirements we will employ while on site.

We work only to the highest standards and with the greatest integrity. The long term relationships we have established with our clients speak volumes for our safety record, our performance and the results we deliver.

Arboricultural Services
With over 30 years in the tree services industry, and in excess of 200 years combined experience between our senior staff, Vinton Tree Services draws on our past experience and proven track record to deliver excellent results in the cultivation of trees and shrubs - be it for aesthetic, shade, social, safety, environmental or economic reasons.

We manage all aspects of the process in close consultation with our client – from clearing away undesirable, unsafe or unhealthy existing plant matter, proactive pruning to establish correct structure and healthy trees, to replant and ongoing maintenance.  We can work with a variety of species in a wide range of settings to meet our client’s individual requirements.

Vinton Tree Services offers a full range of surveys and reporting along with landscape planning and design.

Vinton Tree Services are qualified and equipped to undertake the full range of works safely and cost effectively from start to finish.
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  1. Tree Planting
    Tree Planting
    We are equipped to provide mass tree planting as well as individual requests. We use a CSIRO designed and approved auger to dig holes on larger planting requests, minimising both time and labour. We also have water trucks to water in the newly planted trees (using recycled water) and aged forest mulch to help retain water and reduce weed growth around the trees. Want a tree relocated? Ask us if it’s possible. That favourite or sentimental value tree may be able to be moved!
  2. Watering
    We are able to supply individual tree or jet sprayed watering using recycled water. With up to 13,000 litres available per truck, all of our median strip water trucks are fitted with arrow boards complying with ADR13/00, a traffic controller and equipment to maintain the flow of traffic.
  3. Pruning and Thinning
    Pruning and Thinning
    Our staff are trained in the science and techniques of pruning and thinning. All work is undertaken to Australian Pruning Standard AS4373:2008 and meets regulatory and environmental requirements.
  4. Mulch Spreading
    Mulch Spreading
    Our bobcat fleet has the capacity to load and spread mulch in almost any terrain with tyred or tracked units available.